Mayweather Promotions CEO Reveals the Surprising Link Between Gervonta Davis, Mike Tyson, and Floyd Mayweather


Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson sold events like people were getting paid to attend the fights! However, is that the case with Gervonta Davis? Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe thinks it’s the same with their now-separated starfighter Gervonta Davis.

As of today, ‘Tank’ hasn’t entered the ring for approximately nine months, having defeated Ryan Garcia in his last rendezvous to the ring. However, the fight was a spectacle to withhold, as it collected $119 million in revenue. Undoubtedly, Mike and Floyd were the face of boxing at the prime of their careers, similar to Davis today. But is that enough to justify the comparison?

Here’s how Ellerbe justified it today on X!

Leonard Ellerbe lists the kind of people in attendance for Gervonta Davis’ fights

A handful of hours ago, Ray Jackson tweeted a picture of Gervonta Davis from one of his fights, highlighting Devin Haney in attendance. He wrote, “Whoever Tank Davis fights next, we can count on Bill & Devin Haney sitting ringside at the fight.” It’s worth noting that Turki Alalshikh offered to host a fight between Haney and Davis, but nothing has come out of it yet.

However, soon after the tweet from Jackson, Ellerbe retweeted the tweet, claiming, “Who [doens’t] want to be at the hot s**t. Tank fights resemble the Tyson fights back in the day, and the Floyd fights.” He went on to claim that rappers, pop artists, actresses/actors, models, ball players, hustlers, the fly ladies & the fly guys – all high-profile celebrities attend Davis’ fights.


It’s also worth mentioning that Floyd, Tyson, and Davis have produced the biggest money-making fights. Tyson’s clash against Lennox Lewis in 2002 collected $106.9 million. Floyd’s showdown against Manny Pacquiao produced over $600 million, and of course, Tank’s $119 million against Garcia. Undeniably, there are similarities between the three fighters, but when is Davis fighting next? In case it’s Devin Haney, here’s who Floyd’s former protege thinks will win!

Floyd’s Former Pupil Declares Shocking Winner

Yesterday, Mill City Boxing got a hold of Maurice Lee, Floyd’s former protege and starfighter in the welterweight division. Having witnessed a sparring match between Haney and Davis, Lee had the answer to who he believed would win if the fight ever happened. He began by suggesting, “It seems like ‘Tank’ doesn’t want to make the fight. I don’t know why ‘Tank’ ain’t hoped on the fight.”

Lee even revealed that he was present during the sparring match between them, claiming, “The sparring I had seen at the Mayweather gym, I would say Devin’s got the best of him.” When asked if Haney can mirror the results during a fight on the world stage, Lee agreed. “Devin is a really smart boxer skill-wise. So, I think he can outbox Tank,” said Lee.

While a potential fight between Devin Haney and Gervonta Davis hangs in the balance, Leonard Ellerbe lauds Davis’ ability to match Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather’s selling power.


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