Breath-Taking Moment: Fans React as Coach Rafael Cordeiro Dodges Mike Tyson’s Devastating Punch – What If It Landed?


Mike Tyson might have hung up his gloves long ago, but his punches are still as lethal as ever. The same was on full display in a recent training clip shared on social media by coach Rafael Cordeiro. The update comes after the former heavyweight champion revealed a line of performance apparel on Instagram not so long ago.

It included what is named the ‘Hook’ series gloves under the brand ‘Tyson Pro.’ Nevertheless, the former champion seemingly wanted to train, so he donned a pair of gloves in the gym with the Brazilian coach. Yet, Cordeiro would not have guessed what happened next! Tyson embodied his prime self and showcased his hand speed, missing the coach’s face by a quarter of an inch.


Rafael Cordeiro has never felt such a violent punch before

Where most people would be left traumatized by the incident, Cordeiro had other ideas. While sharing the clip, the Brazilian mixed martial artist penned his experience of being in the crosshairs of Tyson’s rage. “[Mike Tyson] techniques is based on generating the largest power and speed in a smaller space of time,” wrote Cordeiro.

He went on to suggest that ‘Iron’ Mike is truly an extraordinary athlete while conveying the violence in Tyson’s punch. “Surely the most violent hit I’ve ever felt on the mitts,” wrote Cordeiro as per translation. With such a narrow brush with potential hospitalization, the boxing world was left with gasped thoughts, grateful that Cordeiro survived the ordeal.

Fans want to know if Cordero had life insurance before training with Mike Tyson

While most fans expressed their worrying thoughts, others were left jaw-dropped by Tyson’s abilities, praising the 57-year-old former heavyweight. One user questioned whether Cordero’s life insurance was up to date, implying things could have gone horribly wrong if Tyson had landed that punch. The user wrote, “Is life insurance up to date, master? Just stoned.” Tyson’s power is one of those things that made him such a feared boxer.


Someone else claimed that the coach nearly died because of Tyson’s punch. “Master mercy, he almost died,” the user wrote. It’s worth mentioning that Tyson defeated his first 19 opponents via knockout, displaying his KO power.

Another user suggested that it would be easier to dodge a bullet than to survive one of Tyson’s punches. “I think it’s easier to get out alive from a lost bullet than a missed punch from Tyson,” the user commented.

The following user praised Tyson’s first coach for crafting such a formidable fighter. “Who was Tyson’s first coach??? This guy deserves an Oscar for the best hip and leg handling in history,” the user wrote. Tyson’s first coaches would be Cus D’Amato and Teddy Atlas.

Meanwhile, one user asserted that he would pay money just to watch Mike Tyson train in the gym. “I would pay just to watch practice,” wrote the user.


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