Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Can Be Seen Getting Brutally Trolled By Eddie Murphy In A Brilliant Throwback Clip


Mike Tyson is boxing royalty but comedian Eddie Murphy couldn’t resist winding up the heavyweight in 1989

The duo were at a Sammy Davis Jr tribute in 1989, but Murphy couldn’t resist ribbing the heavyweight superstar.

Tyson can bee seen struggling with the autocue in front of him.

And, when he finally gets to the end of the text he’s battling to read, Murphy mocks Tyson’s unique voice.

The boxer then jokingly grapples with the comedian before the clip finishes.


Tyson is still a megastar – but his bank balance has suffered since his heyday.

Having last fought in 2005, the 53-year-old suffered major money issues after being badly advised.

Once worth in excess of £233m, it’s estimated that he now only has around £3m in the bank.

After he hung up his gloves, Tyson’s lavish lifestyle led to him filling for bankruptcy in 2003.

He racked up a staggering £18m in debts, which included a £7m divorce settlement with his second wife, Monica Turner.

Tyson also had around £10.5m in unpaid US-based taxes and £3m in outstanding British taxes.

The charismatic ace is now a successful actor and entrepreneur, though.

He’s had lucrative film role, including entertaining cameos in ‘The Hangover’, ‘Entourage’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

He also revealed last year that he’d be getting into the fast-growing cannabis business.

Murphy, meanwhile, has gone from strength to strength since the late 1980s.

The 58-year-old has taken home an incredible £104m over the course of his career.

His movies have grossed around £6billion at the box office.


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